meet your instructor

Krystal, is a 200hr RYT and New Mexican native with a hearty appetite for adventure. Her teaching style is a replica from which her own yoga practice stems- a place of creativity, joyful expression and liberation. Her teachings can range from a dynamic vinyasa flow accessing inner and outer strength, to a meditative yin practice, cultivating inner silence and awareness. Krystal is always committed to leaving her students feeling ALIVE in their bodies and calm in their minds.

Her desire is to elevate your regular yoga practice by enhancing your experience in breathtaking places and spaces.

The name 'Sumswida' pronounced som-shee-dah means "to breathe" in Korean- an everyday reminder to connect or reconnect to the present moment using your natural, joyous breath.


There is a beautiful world out there, spend your life enjoying it! #B R E A T H E YOURADVENTURE


*Krystal is 200hr YTT certified and received her training in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico at Yandara Yoga Institute.