Golden Mylk Latte

I know, ANOTHER golden mylk latte recipe (eye rolls expected)

Honestly, this is just how I felt. I had been reluctant to jump on this wagon for so long but it kept waving itself in my face saying "just TRY me" and I am so glad I did... 

I could go on and on about the benefits of turmeric- like its anti inflammatory properties, headache relief, congestion relief, depression fighting abilities. This combined with ginger and its immunity strengthening properties, cold + flu prevention and its similar anti inflammatory properties. I mean why WOULDN'T I want to jump on this!?

On a similar note, and strong reason I decided to give this go was because of a chakra balancing series I am currently leading. Upon taking a 'chakra balance test' I discovered (at no surprise) that my solar plexus chakra 'Manipura' is crazy under active. Along with laughing, dancing and singing, yellow foods are really great for attaining balance for this fiery chakra that connects us to our will, personal power and ego. 

SO HERE IT IS! A delicious ginger added twist to the prized Golden Mylk Latte

What you'll need

1 thumb ginger

1 thumb tumeric

12-16oz coconut milk 

honey (your sweetness level)


warm coconut milk in a small pot 

as coconut warms, skin both ginger and turmeric using a spoon then mince as small as you can.

once coconut milk is warmed combine all ingredients into your blender set to "liquify" for about 2 minutes 

pour and enjoy!

make sure to tag me in your photos @sumswida! Post any questions or comments below!